June 29, 2010

shoes *CHECK*

finally! shoes - sorted! ugh. i can't help but be picky about shoes.. and jewellery.. and clothes.. and everything. *sigh* my pops-in-law-to-be told me i focus too much on details to which my pops snickered (yes it's true, but i think i got that from mum..)

ah the life of the procrastinating perfectionist. that's an oxymoron, no?

anyway, back to SHOES! wedding shoes i found in london (uk). they seem to have a heck of a lot more choices there, especially in their not-so-shoe-store kind of stores. i found flat, peep toe, beige, with a bit of girly, not too jazzy, comfortable, perfect for the wedding shoes. (thanks to b-bhabhi)

for the reception, i got my shoes online: zappos. a coworker told me about the website a while ago. just searching for silver pumps, i found TONS of the perfect shoe! okay, not tons.. but more than what i could find at ten other sites!

the contenders:
gabriella rocha mylie pump
beautiful, sophisticated.. perfection
rocha mylie
sequins - i did want sparkles!
nine west barb
i'm not sure why i need a reason to explain myself here..
rsvp ivana
i really like the flower detail on these.. it would match the other flower detail i have.

so what did i end up choosing? yeah.. not telling.

June 17, 2010

one month!

today makes it exactly one month until the day of organized chaos!  time has flown so fast!

i still have major projects left to do.. mostly printing though.  i still haven't found my shoes for the reception - sparkly silver pumps.. i'm not sure why they're so difficult to find!

there are lots more choices at way better deals where kiwi lives.. maybe i should send kiwi shoe shopping..

June 16, 2010

branded candy

i see these and all i can think about is, wouldn't it have been awesome to do this with our logo for the wedding? and hand them out with all the kankotris?

from wonder how to

June 15, 2010

night wedding, outside..

i'd love this for a mandap. it could be transferred to your backyard after the wedding for late night barbeque parties..

simple, pretty, and practical! (the guju way of course..)

from style me pretty

June 14, 2010

funky cake - inside & out

so here's an awesomely geeky cake..

with the possibility of a ridiculously awesomely geeky inside:

and then my crazy thoughts go wandering.. what if you incorporated your initials or (better yet) your logo INSIDE the cake, viewable in its entirety with every slice?  hrmm..VERY expensive, but HUGE impact!
  • it would have to be a square cake.. i can't see how it would be remotely easy to do with a round cake
  • you'd need a baker with very steady hands who knows how to essentially "sculpt" cakes
  • this would be hard to accomplish with an eggless cake because of its consistency
  • the initials/logo would have to fit in logs of 2 inches each to make it work
  • the baker would have to supply a cutting guide on the cake board so that the person cutting the cake doesn't completely destroy it
  • it would probably be the most memorable part of the wedding.. more so than the bride and groom!
maybe after the wedding when i'm unemployed and stuck at home all day i can do some experimenting..

from cake wrecks

June 11, 2010

photo save the date

these are two photo save the dates i've come across.. the first one i found last year and the other i found  yesterday.  i really like them both!  when i found the first one, i showed kiwi the picture asking if he thought it would be fun to do something similar for ours.  i mean it wouldn't be difficult since i do those types of edits on photoshop often anyway..

we actually found  a great location for it (via google maps street view..), but couldn't follow through due to "unforseen circumstances" during that particular trip to toronto.  oh well.  maybe we could do it for our thank you card.  during our quick shoot after the wedding, we could stand near a billboard or a fun sign.  hrmm.. the hall's in an industrial area, so it shouldn't be hard!

(by the way, as much as i love the yellow balloon in the second picture, it's not the only reason i love it :P)

from oh so beautiful paper 1 & oh so beautiful paper 2

June 9, 2010


i picked up my stamp yesterday! i had one custom made with our logo. way cheaper than i thought it would cost. i'm going to become an embossing fiend i think with this thing!

i ordered it from bizzy b stamp & scraps. only took a couple of days to be made :) i wish i thought of ordering it before.. could have used it on the save the dates and invitations.

oh well.. i'm still really excited to use it! lots of projects..

June 8, 2010

back up plan

this past sunday kiwi & i were supposed to have our engagement shoot.. i woke up bright and early to wash & straighten my hair AND i even made an effort to wear make up!

by 7am we were both ready to go only to find it pouring rain out :(  of course this is a problem since kiwi won't be back until the wedding, all our pictures were outdoors, and we didn't have a rain plan.

i'll admit i would have loved the pictures had we went ahead with the shoot (especially considering the first time kiwi visited me it was raining - our shoot was based on the activities we did that weekend).  i have no doubt the pictures would have been a mix of fun and edgy.

unfortunately we couldn't risk kiwi getting sick as he had to fly out that afternoon for a big presentation the next day.  oh well.. we'll be doing the shoot on the monday before the wedding.  i hope pre-wedding stress doesn't show all over my face :S  at least there's photoshop!

June 1, 2010


so it occured to me today that i should have been checking my spam folder for emails.. i would check it regularly, at least once a week.. the past few months i've been neglecting the folder though. and it's really the wrong time to do so! i should have been checking it from the first day we sent out invites!


well, i had one email caught by the spam filter. i'm hoping none were filtered into there before april 30th :S

rsvp code

so previously i found it funny that people were putting their rsvp code in their rsvp email when it was really only meant to be used when rsvp'ing online.

well i just found out why it was even good for people to give me their rsvp code - yesterday i got an email from someone saying he and his wife will be attending both the wedding and reception. now he just gave his first and last name.. he didn't give his wife's name or the city he lives in. there are two people on my list with the same first and last name, so i have no idea which one rsvp'ed :S

oops! oh well, hopefully they reply with the wife's name or the city they live in..