January 30, 2010

future mrs.

isn't this cute?  not very practical because you wouldn't be able to hang anything on it for a lengthy period of time.. and totally impractical for displaying indian wedding gear in "morning of" pictures.

i still think it's cute.. even the heart hanger is sweet.

from etsy listing: lilafrances

January 26, 2010

why didn't i think of this?!

so 6 months after our sagai.. i find this:

diy cake stand

aaah.. cake boards and cheapo soup cans! would have saved us from torturing our hands by cutting up foam core boards with a broken utility knife and a kitchen knife :S so simple.. why didn't i think of this?!

January 24, 2010

birdcage veils

would it be weird if i wore a birdcage veil with my reception outfit?  i'm thinking possibly.. yes.  i love the look of them, but there's no way i could wear one during the wedding ceremony.  so.. the next place is the reception.  i'm not so worried about how it would match with my reception outfit, cause it would.  i'm more curious to know if it would match my indian jewellery.. more specifically, the tikka.  would it be much?  perhaps..

the other concern is the length of time the veil should be worn.  in white weddings it's worn for the ceremony then taken off for the reception..  in this case, i'm considering wearing it to the reception - so when would i take it off?  or would it be odd to break it down on the dance floor with a veil?

if a guest goes missing..

here's another alternative to the traditional guest book.. fingerprint your guests!  actually, it's an interesting keepsake after the wedding.. at least if a guest needs an alibi, they have one.  eh.. yeah, not funny.  anyway, i only like the idea as an interesting piece of art to stick on your wall.  it is pretty to look at.

i'm not a big fan of inking guests though.. and then expecting them to enjoy the finger food during cocktails.  bleh :S

from etsy listing: lovliday

January 23, 2010

mad love

i love madlibs.. i loved madlibs as a kid, i love madlibs as a pretend-grownup, and i envy this person for thinking of such a fun way to get people to rsvp!

[your name(s)] [will/will not] attend the wedding, and will most likely [verb] [adverb] on WEDDING DATE.  we are [adjective] for BRIDE & GROOM.  they are the most [adjective] [plural noun], and we wish them nothing less than [adjective] [noun] for the rest of their lives together.  my best advice?  don't forget to [advice] before you [verb] and [advice] after the [noun]!

CUTE!  i'm totally stealing this idea for an activity during the cocktail hour but redo it to relate to the theme and make it not so rsvp.

from the broke-ass bride

January 17, 2010

bubble balls

unbeknownst to me.. crate and barrel has a spin-off of sorts with more affordable and awesome looking items!  i have fallen deep, deep in love with these bubble balls. i wanted to incorporate them as part of the centrepiece, but it's just not working price wise cause it's FAR too costly to ship to canada :( *sigh*

i'll definitely have to order a few after the wedding as i can't see myself falling out of love with them!

January 15, 2010

top it off

looking for ways to continually personalize the wedding, i found these: personalized wedding toppers that can be kept long after the wedding.  they're super cute and a great way to capture personalities.   made from polymer clay, they're non-toxic and don't deteriorate.

i found quite a few places that make these, however, i only found two that make them with a definite cute factor.  the other ones are just .. well kind of creepy looking :S

feats of clay
mary made it

unfortunately, i contacted these sites too late.. they're fully booked for summer weddings :(  ah well.. maybe i can just cut out our initials out of foam core and bejewel the heck out of it..

January 10, 2010

quick eats

martha stewart is genius!  or at least the people who work for martha stewart are geniuses.  with all that's going on, they say the bride and groom tend not to (or get a chance to) eat much on their wedding day.  they suggest having a snack box ready for the bride and groom to munch on.  GENIUS i tell you!  i think we're going to need a couple of snack boxes though - one for the car while we're driving from place to place between the wedding and reception.  another for the hotel after the reception because my tummy's certainly going to be crying for food.

going postal

i often see calligraphy as an important part of someone's wedding stationary. it has that classy prettiness to it. the one thing i don't get though are the envelopes. i agree, it looks ridiculously awesome all the curved lines and swirlies, but how are you to guarantee your invites get delivered.. to the right address?

the only reason i ask is because at work, the postman is .. well crazy.  his instability often shines through when he flings the mail because he's offended by the fact no one is at the front desk waiting to take the mail from him.  or when someone is at the front desk, he brightens that person's day with musings of serial killers and his anger towards puppies.  anyway, the point is, i can see this postal postman looking at this envelope, grunting at the sight of swirls and girliness, then chucking it out the window as he drives to the next postbox.

January 9, 2010


i read about this in a wood flooring magazine.. great place for wedding ideas, no? :) aren't these men's rings gorgeous?

they're made by wood-rings.com. the ones with ebony are definitely my favourite.