June 29, 2010

shoes *CHECK*

finally! shoes - sorted! ugh. i can't help but be picky about shoes.. and jewellery.. and clothes.. and everything. *sigh* my pops-in-law-to-be told me i focus too much on details to which my pops snickered (yes it's true, but i think i got that from mum..)

ah the life of the procrastinating perfectionist. that's an oxymoron, no?

anyway, back to SHOES! wedding shoes i found in london (uk). they seem to have a heck of a lot more choices there, especially in their not-so-shoe-store kind of stores. i found flat, peep toe, beige, with a bit of girly, not too jazzy, comfortable, perfect for the wedding shoes. (thanks to b-bhabhi)

for the reception, i got my shoes online: zappos. a coworker told me about the website a while ago. just searching for silver pumps, i found TONS of the perfect shoe! okay, not tons.. but more than what i could find at ten other sites!

the contenders:
gabriella rocha mylie pump
beautiful, sophisticated.. perfection
rocha mylie
sequins - i did want sparkles!
nine west barb
i'm not sure why i need a reason to explain myself here..
rsvp ivana
i really like the flower detail on these.. it would match the other flower detail i have.

so what did i end up choosing? yeah.. not telling.


  1. So which did you pick in the end?

  2. Are you gonna answer my question? Thats kinda the whole point of the blog right?