June 11, 2009

suck it up..

i love these straws! these would be so much fun for a party. heck, i'd use these at work. how about for a reception? they would really work well to bring together the colour scheme in such a minor detail.  it's the little things like this that have a tendency to stick out in people's minds.

June 10, 2009


i *heart* pomander balls!! they're so cute. i wouldn't put these on chairs like they would traditionally be placed. i'd use these around the house for decor. outside on the porch? down the staircase? not sure how it'd look on a 9 foot ceiling with fabric swags.. doesn't hurt trying though.

stop action invitation

this has got to be the most creative wedding invitation i have ever seen! it's so fantastically awesome! i can't imagine how much time went into making this.

corey and rachel's wedding invitation - stop motion

June 7, 2009

variyali packs

an after meal staple for us is variyali, which is used as a digestive and breath freshener. for weddings, they're typically put in little plastic ziplocs and left on each table (or handed out after dinner).

this personalized sugar packet idea would be awesome for the variyali packs! rather than printing on the glassine envelopes themselves, you could print out labels and use them to close the packages. having to do over 500 of these, the labels would probably be the most economical and less time consuming choice.

toran alternatives

can you tell what i do with my free time some days? i can spends hours, without realising, looking through design and diy sites. during festivities, we hang torans over doorways. these days, torans are embroidered or beaded fabrics.

martha stewart, the queen of diy, has a fun new year's streamers project. i'd do this with glitter paper or scrapbook paper and hang these over windows around the house. i'd change it up to be horizontal, rather than vertical, to hang over the doorways (cause there are a lot of tall people in my family and i can see people getting a glitter circle in the eye or something..).

mithai (sweets) box

when personally delivering wedding invitations to close family and friends, we traditionally include a box of mithai (sweets). for my brother's wedding, mum had the unique idea of using chinese takeaway containers for mithai boxes. it was a very cute idea.

i came across this easter basket project today. wouldn't this be fantastic for mithai containers? you'd have to shrink the size of the container a bit.. (rather than using a 12.5" x 12.5" sheet, i'd use a 4" x 4" or 6" x 6") and line it with wax paper, but i love the idea!

in an instant

one of the ideas i would love to implement for the wedding/reception was to have some way for people to post candid pictures from the day on a blank board with a handwritten note attached. a polaroid camera would be fantastic for this, but i think the film may be hard to find these days (i'm pretty sure polaroid no longer manufactures the film or the cameras for that matter). another option was to have a small printer on hand for guests to send via bluetooth or connect directly to print on the spot. problem with this is not everyone has bluetooth and we would have to ensure all types of camera connections are taken into account.

i like the idea of polaroids cause they give space to write and the photos are just retro looking. i'll have to dwell on the idea for a bit to figure out how it could work.
  • could i get away with 1 camera, or do i need about 2 or 3?
  • given perhaps a 10% reject rate, would film for about 100 pictures be enough?
  • i'll have to assign someone responsible and somewhat tech savvy to be the camera(s) keeper.. cause i certainly don't want anything inappropriate to be posted!
so of course i venture on ebay.. and there's close to 2000 results! maybe this could work.. it's pretty pricey though, especially if you have to buy film separate from the camera.

June 5, 2009

still no venue..

i'm going nuts.. and so are my parents it seems. still no venue. the majority of places that has the capacity that will work are either booked or only available after 6pm. now the places that are available are ridiculously expensive. *sigh* so we're now trying some alternatives. two locations? different date? completely different city?


a lot of people i've been talking to have said this is basically the hardest bit of the planning. gosh, i hope so :S

June 4, 2009

i should be sleeping

it's 1am and i'm already slightly obsessed with the wedding website. so far i've added general information to the guest info page like airports closest to ottawa, a google map of sites to see, and weather forecasts for ottawa and atlanta.

in the about us section, i added a whole bunch of random information. i wanted to keep the site as formally informal as possible, which is easier said than done..

anyway, i plan to keep working on it bit by bit over the next month or so. hopefully it turns out decent.

on a side note, i found this ridiculously entertaining website: cake wrecks. aaahhh.. TOO FUNNY! i especially love the wedding cake posts: