July 21, 2009


we have a venue! *relief* the biggest booking is over. now for the mandap, photographer, cake, and most importantly flight tickets to india (along with convincing tj to come..).

July 7, 2009

predicting my future mate

googling wedding stuff tends to result in weird links.. such as this:
love predictions..

with an apple and a knife, stand before a mirror. slice the apple into pieces. stick a pieces on the point of the knife and hold it over your left shoulder. as you gaze into the mirror, you will see a vision of your future spouse appear behind you to take the apple.

creepy!!!! i don't like mirrors to begin with (all those bloody mary stories growing up didn't help at all..) so this would freak me out. i have shivers up my spine just thinking about it. ugh..

ring of truth

apparently engagement rings say something about the wearer..

Round Cut: Traditionalist
Also known as brilliant-cut, a round diamond symbolizes traditional values. Round wearers appreciate the ring's clean lines and symmetry. It has no beginning, no end and beautifully symbolizes romance! And it reflects more light than any other diamond. Ladies who like round diamonds are trustworthy and team players, but they sometimes lack spontaneity. Avril Lavigne and Christina Aguilera both wear wedding rings with round diamonds. It's the most popular cut! Wedding Prediction: You'll have a lovely, vintage-traditional wedding with pink roses, a white dress, and tea light place card holders.

so .. traditionalist? i guess you will know what to expect for the wedding!