June 14, 2010

funky cake - inside & out

so here's an awesomely geeky cake..

with the possibility of a ridiculously awesomely geeky inside:

and then my crazy thoughts go wandering.. what if you incorporated your initials or (better yet) your logo INSIDE the cake, viewable in its entirety with every slice?  hrmm..VERY expensive, but HUGE impact!
  • it would have to be a square cake.. i can't see how it would be remotely easy to do with a round cake
  • you'd need a baker with very steady hands who knows how to essentially "sculpt" cakes
  • this would be hard to accomplish with an eggless cake because of its consistency
  • the initials/logo would have to fit in logs of 2 inches each to make it work
  • the baker would have to supply a cutting guide on the cake board so that the person cutting the cake doesn't completely destroy it
  • it would probably be the most memorable part of the wedding.. more so than the bride and groom!
maybe after the wedding when i'm unemployed and stuck at home all day i can do some experimenting..

from cake wrecks

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