June 11, 2010

photo save the date

these are two photo save the dates i've come across.. the first one i found last year and the other i found  yesterday.  i really like them both!  when i found the first one, i showed kiwi the picture asking if he thought it would be fun to do something similar for ours.  i mean it wouldn't be difficult since i do those types of edits on photoshop often anyway..

we actually found  a great location for it (via google maps street view..), but couldn't follow through due to "unforseen circumstances" during that particular trip to toronto.  oh well.  maybe we could do it for our thank you card.  during our quick shoot after the wedding, we could stand near a billboard or a fun sign.  hrmm.. the hall's in an industrial area, so it shouldn't be hard!

(by the way, as much as i love the yellow balloon in the second picture, it's not the only reason i love it :P)

from oh so beautiful paper 1 & oh so beautiful paper 2

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