October 29, 2009

retro wedding videos

agh, videography is starting to be a pain in the neck! it's hard to find a good videographer. their style is either too 1980's indian or too 1980's italian. i did find a website over lunch today of two videographers, who were twins.. with mullets. oh i kid you not. i really should have checked out the gallery for signs of barbequed road kill or genesis as the background music. sadly i didn't have time :( i asked one of the photographers i met if they know any videographers they'd recommend. he said, "as far as videographers go.... i get the question a lot and i can't say that i have really worked with any that i would recommend. kinda sad, but it's the truth!"

fantastic.. this will be a challenge.

vanity fair style wedding photos

i LOVE these!  love, love, love these.  i would so do this layout for all the family pictures right after the wedding if we had the time..

from michèle m. waite photography

October 20, 2009

blooming 'ell

the bouquet is one thing i always wondered how it works with a wedding sari. a wedding sari is so embroidered, do you really see the flowers? the other side is, if you have a multi-coloured sari (especially the red & white combination that's so popular), what flowers do you carry to compliment your outfit yet make a small impact. bouquets are a western tradition.. not something typical of an indian wedding trousseau. the western wedding dress is typically white / off-white, so a bright coloured bouquet makes an impact, yet doesn't overpower the dress. so what's the indian equivalent?

(by the way, i'm in LOVE with this bouquet: a hand tied bouquet of mango mini calla lilies, rose hips, milva & black magic roses, cinnamon color cymbidium orchids and seeded eucalyptus, wrapped with bronze/chocolate ribbon that had embroidery detailing and sequins - GORGEOUS!)

from style me pretty

October 11, 2009

fruit cubes

it looks like it's a drinking kind of day for me! *kidding* this is something more for the ladies then the guys.. icy fruit cubes to put in your drinks. the actual picture is for sugar cubes infused with a fruit flavour. since we're prone to diabetes, i figure that wouldn't be such a good idea.  but what about purée different kinds of fruit, stick them in ice cube trays and let them freeze?  even crush up some mint and freeze that with water.  this is totally a fantastic idea for those who don't even drink alcohol!  sprite, vodka (optional), and a fruit cube.. so much fun!

from marthastewartweddings.com

frozen treats (for adults..)

this idea i love! not necessarily for the actual reception, but for the pre-wedding events.  it would be fun to have a few different kinds of alcohols and bottles to do this with and dual purpose: keeps it nice and chilled on a hot summer day!  not that the alcohol won't already do this, but the way it's presented would help keep the events fun and lively :)

from marthastewartweddings.com

October 6, 2009

loooooong distance..

it's hard enough trying to remember every single detail about an appointment. try relaying information to three people who don't live in the same city as you. three people who are in three different cities at any given time!

so far the biggest challenge for mandaps is "do you have a picture? my fiancé and parents all live in different cities.." to which the response is always a long explanation about protecting ideas and not wanting others to get a hold of theirs. typically their ideas aren't really anything too unique to begin with. bleh. makes me want to bang my head against the wall some days.. actually most days. some vendors even say, "well they should trust your judgement.." uh yeah, they'll agree to spend thousands of dollars based on "i think it's nice.." (well, not to say my parents haven't done so in the past..)

anyway, i'm going a little nutty. it makes me wonder, had we booked a hall in ottawa and sorted out all details from toronto, would i have ended up looking like a worn out wild woman by the end of it all?