November 19, 2010

my five: purses!

while in university, i used to have a slew of fun purses.  it was either a phase, or i got lucky finding unique items at not-so-original chain stores.  one of the purses i had was a chartreuse green purse with a bamboo frame and handles - so pretty.  i got a lot of compliments from complete strangers for that.  that purse no longer exists.. it eventually broke because i used to use it to carry my notebooks for classes or a textbook from time to time.  one of my other favourite past purses looked like a cuban cigar box.. and now, i don't see anything i like.

so then i google'd..

UM Bags
UMs developed from two creative challenges: The first, to make use of the unique properties of wool felt - its density, texture, pliability, and strength. And the second, to transform a flat surface using only the simplest of operations.

Quote Pleated Bag Leather and Canvas
Deliberately placed random pleating creates a relaxed, eye catching and attractive bag. Roomy, feminine and a little bit edgy. We really like it! This bag closes with a snap across the top keeping everything securely inside. There is a panel pockets on the inside.

Leather Clutch
This lovely clutch is made of high quality eco leather in light gray with pink flower patterned satin lining. It's uniqueness comes from beautiful rose in XXL size. The main body as well as lining have been reinforced with non-woven for additional strength and protection. This clutch is perfect for an everyday use as well as a glam party or wedding. There is definately enough room to carry the necessary (mobile, purse, tissues, keys, diary, mirror etc…). The clutch comes with a beautiful organza bag for a better care of the clutch.

Book of the Month Clutch
Whether you're adding to your library or simply starting a collection, we think you'll agree—the classics have never looked so good. Features laminated silk twill with metallic cowhide trim
clasp closure, interior zip pocket and 6 credit card slots, custom woven pinstripe silk faille lining in chocolate and cream, 14-karat light gold plated hardware, and kate spade new york embossed signature on hardware

Handmade, silk-lined clutches
Original handmade design-led clutch purse bags and accessories, featuring peacock feathers, exotic bird prints and floral blooms.

from sumthings, greedy girl

November 17, 2010


i love these!

some of the phrases on the buttons:
"i heart weddings!"
"i'm a dance machine!"
"stirred not shaken"
"which way to the bar?"
"sorry i'm taken"

so cute! i should remember to use this idea for a party..

from oh so beautiful paper

November 16, 2010

indian mango - invitation set

so i had an idea for a "logo" of sorts, writing around a common indian shape - the mango! it worked out pretty funky, so i decided to run with it and try making an invitation set around it.

invite card (front & back), rsvp card (front & back), envelope

that turned out pretty good..

November 11, 2010

modern diwali

for diwali this year, my derani and i decided to go a bit non-traditional for our diwali food that we hand out to family. we took a couple of traditional diwali snacks and modernized them:

chevro poppers were created out of an attempt to find a diwali-friendly alternative to rice krispies squares. it's just peanut butter spiced with red chili powder, tumeric powder, ground coriander and cumin, and salt, then mixed with chevro formed into balls. pretty simple.. and it turned out pretty delicious :)

i don't know how to make the standard gugara filling, so instead i made a chocolate alternative.
  1. toast almonds and walnuts
  2. throw them into a food processor with chocolate pieces
  3. mix in cinnamon and icing sugar
the dough is the exact same as a traditional gugara. mum suggested i add a bit of cardamom in, which is a common spice for indian sweets. i would have, except i forgot to do that :S

i was lucky for the boxes. the local michael's had a scrapbook pad called taj mahal. the pad was all cardstock which was great for boxes, and the patterns in the book were perfect for diwali.

overall our plate turned out really awesome! i'm pretty happy with what we managed to accomplish.