June 8, 2010

back up plan

this past sunday kiwi & i were supposed to have our engagement shoot.. i woke up bright and early to wash & straighten my hair AND i even made an effort to wear make up!

by 7am we were both ready to go only to find it pouring rain out :(  of course this is a problem since kiwi won't be back until the wedding, all our pictures were outdoors, and we didn't have a rain plan.

i'll admit i would have loved the pictures had we went ahead with the shoot (especially considering the first time kiwi visited me it was raining - our shoot was based on the activities we did that weekend).  i have no doubt the pictures would have been a mix of fun and edgy.

unfortunately we couldn't risk kiwi getting sick as he had to fly out that afternoon for a big presentation the next day.  oh well.. we'll be doing the shoot on the monday before the wedding.  i hope pre-wedding stress doesn't show all over my face :S  at least there's photoshop!

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