December 12, 2009

inspiration board

a big thing around wedding blogs are inspiration boards. basically it's piecing together ideas you've found anywhere and everywhere to create your wedding vision. so.. i've created mine!

East Meets West - Inspiration Board Challenge #7

as much as i love the patterned flower petals, it wouldn't be practical.. since the groom has to walk down that same path before the bride.  and it's not just the groom, it's the bride's mother and the groom's family.   however, if loads of people mess it up, then does that mean it will just almost even itself out into a straight aisle of petals?

the cake stand is awesome.  cakes are interesting.. cause the less people you're feeding, the smaller the cake, right?  plus cakes are ridiculously expensive!  so the more people you need the feed, the faster the price rises.. so why not get a two or three tiered cake and raise it on a dressed up pedestal?

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December 4, 2009


we both want a monogram for the wedding.  there are so many different routes to go - classical, romantic, contemporary, or cutesy?  here are a few i came up with..

i like this because it's classy and simple.

a hint of cuteness.

it's pretty while incorporating his last name.

the reason i actually like this is his last name is hidden in the heart. the way our initials intersect creates a k. it's totally not obvious and one of those things that you'd have to point out to the majority of people (if we choose to do so..)

this is the same as the one above except not as much cuteness and the k is a focal point.

so much fun. i really have no other words to describe it.

this is just plain and simple and i actually kind of like it.

what to do.. what to do.. i'll just let him decide.