October 25, 2010

pantry fun..

i made labels for the pantry to make it a bit more organized. i wanted to print on labels that won't be hard to take off if i needed to change the contents of the container. post-it has these removable labels (2" x 4"), "they stick securely, remove safely". they turned out awesome!

i didn't really think things through though. these labels can easily get ruined if some wet or messy fingers get on them. (already happened on the crushed red pepper jar with kiwi's pizza fingers..) i should have modge podge'd the labels before placing them on my containers. that would have at least made them easy to keep clean.

my other problem with these labels? they're a bit too easily removable. they kind of come off without being touched :S whenever i open the pantry, i usually find a fallen label.. not all the labels have had this problem, but it's still an issue. i think i'm going to keep these labels for a year and then try something else.

October 20, 2010

chalkboard calendar

i came across this really awesome idea of keeping your week organized in a fashionable way! instead of chalkboard pieces, maybe use mirror tiles with dry erase markers. mount the mirrors and the words on a large plexi glass, then screw the large sheet of plexi glass into the wall. functional piece of art..

from ohdeedoh