April 7, 2010

colourful elephants

i considered making a kid station for kids to keep occupied during the cocktail hour with crayons, colour books, etc. cause i know how boring weddings can be for kids. there's nothing interesting to do. why do this kids run around so much and scream at events..?

mum and dad nixed the idea though out of fear that some of the tyrant children will let loose with the crayons and start designing their graffiti tag on the walls. we don't need an even larger bill after the event.

diy crayon elephantif indian kids were typically tame and we didn't run into the risk of child vandalism.. i would have made loot bags (favours) for them with a mini, homemade colouring book and some homemade crayons shaped like ELEPHANTS!

aren't these cute?! i love them!  i wish i had a whole herd of elephant crayons.. they look pretty easy to make too: how to make custom crayons.

oh well.. i wish i could have done this. there's always that one, rotten little kid all hopped up on sugar (or better yet coke) who ruins it for the rest. *sigh*

from hostess blog

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