April 6, 2010

my five: wedding shoes

i'm in a bit of a dilemma about wedding shoes.. a few years back, i bought some lovely shoes that would go really well with my wedding sari, and they're still in great condition. only problem is they're 3 inches.. maybe they're 4? usually that's not an issue; however, my wedding sari is literally the length of my leg. the store had to sew extra fabric at the top just so that i'd have something to tuck in.. so i don't have room to even wear a 2" heel.

because of that, my only choice for shoes to wear for the wedding are flats. i don't like those toe thongs because i'm not used to wearing them. i'm thinking ballerina flats would be nice, and easy to take on and off (since i need to take them off easily before stepping into the mandap).

so here are my top five:

dipiero (found at aldo)
they're not completely flat.. they have a little nub that's smaller than a kitten heel. these are certainly cute shoes.
flopite (found at spring)
flopite, really? bleh. ignore the name. not horribly fancy, not that i need horribly fancy. the first shoe is still prettier.
dowe (found at spring)
this is definitely less conservative and certainly a bit more fun!  
florale (found at steve madden)
i like these. very cute and very wedding appropriate.
seychelles sophia flat (found at nordstrom)
they're pretty and yellow.. can't go wrong, can we?

i could make any of these shoes slightly more fancy looking than they currently are. there are shoe clips that have flowers and what not. i could easily put some stones on any of these; i'm sure someone owns a bedazzler :P a lady at work told me she sometimes uses clip on earrings to pretty up her shoes.. she's a shoe fashionista, so i don't doubt her judgement.

i'm glad the reception shoes will be a lot easier to find..

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