April 11, 2010

first look

a lot of blogs talk about the "first look" prior to the wedding. despite it being unlucky for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding, nowadays some meet prior to the wedding to ease those jitters as well as share a very private moment before you take that big step in your life. an alternative i've read is where they blindfold the bride and groom. instead of a "first look", they only get a first touch. they can talk to each other prior to, again to ease jitters, while keeping the excitement of the first look to happen while the bride walks down the aisle.

i would have loved to do the blind fold idea.. unfortunately there isn't time to do this. and i'm sure the parental units would have a fit at the idea.

a more recent tradition in india (and making its way to north america) is the bride greets the groom with a haar after the mother of the bride welcomes the groom to the wedding. i suppose you could call it a first look, indian style. it's still a rather public moment and sometimes involves the interaction of other family members. (the groom would be lifted by brothers and friends making it difficult for the bride to place the haar around the groom without help from her brothers to lift her.)

kiwi suggested we do that. i suggested we don't. :) to be honest, i really like the idea of anxiousness and anticipation. when i walk to the mandap, a large cloth is held in front of kiwi to prevent us from seeing one another. after i sit, my hand is put in kiwi's, while the cloth is still held up between us. a blessing is done, and then the cloth comes down (which is when we're officially married).

since kiwi won't be able to see me while i walk down the aisle, he'll get to experience that feeling of anxiousness while he waits for me. then there's that feeling of anticipation when all he can do is feel my hand in his. at this point, even though he still can't see my face, you can imagine the wave of emotions simply brought on by touch.

i personally consider that to be the intimate moment that's just between you two right in the middle of a chaotic indian wedding. i'm definitely looking forward to it!

pics from dinofa photography, still motion

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