January 23, 2010

mad love

i love madlibs.. i loved madlibs as a kid, i love madlibs as a pretend-grownup, and i envy this person for thinking of such a fun way to get people to rsvp!

[your name(s)] [will/will not] attend the wedding, and will most likely [verb] [adverb] on WEDDING DATE.  we are [adjective] for BRIDE & GROOM.  they are the most [adjective] [plural noun], and we wish them nothing less than [adjective] [noun] for the rest of their lives together.  my best advice?  don't forget to [advice] before you [verb] and [advice] after the [noun]!

CUTE!  i'm totally stealing this idea for an activity during the cocktail hour but redo it to relate to the theme and make it not so rsvp.

from the broke-ass bride

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