January 24, 2010

birdcage veils

would it be weird if i wore a birdcage veil with my reception outfit?  i'm thinking possibly.. yes.  i love the look of them, but there's no way i could wear one during the wedding ceremony.  so.. the next place is the reception.  i'm not so worried about how it would match with my reception outfit, cause it would.  i'm more curious to know if it would match my indian jewellery.. more specifically, the tikka.  would it be much?  perhaps..

the other concern is the length of time the veil should be worn.  in white weddings it's worn for the ceremony then taken off for the reception..  in this case, i'm considering wearing it to the reception - so when would i take it off?  or would it be odd to break it down on the dance floor with a veil?

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