January 10, 2010

going postal

i often see calligraphy as an important part of someone's wedding stationary. it has that classy prettiness to it. the one thing i don't get though are the envelopes. i agree, it looks ridiculously awesome all the curved lines and swirlies, but how are you to guarantee your invites get delivered.. to the right address?

the only reason i ask is because at work, the postman is .. well crazy.  his instability often shines through when he flings the mail because he's offended by the fact no one is at the front desk waiting to take the mail from him.  or when someone is at the front desk, he brightens that person's day with musings of serial killers and his anger towards puppies.  anyway, the point is, i can see this postal postman looking at this envelope, grunting at the sight of swirls and girliness, then chucking it out the window as he drives to the next postbox.

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