May 23, 2010

*shakey fist* ash cloud

last weekend i was supposed to go to london for four days - arrive friday, leave monday. instead, being cautious about the ash cloud, they closed heathrow between 1am and 7am on monday, which resulted in a lot of cancelled flights for that day.. (if no planes were able to come in, then there are obviously no planes to take us out!) i was rescheduled to fly out on thursday; earliest they could get me out *sigh* oh well, i'm home now.

is it sad all i could think during the extended portion of my trip was that i was losing 3 days towards getting wedding things done? ugh.

the biggest thing though.. got my wedding shoes! actually i bought two pairs. one to bedazzle, and one as a back-up in case i ruin the other pair. we'll see how it goes. i've already bought the crystals off ebay, so i just sit and wait with the trusty glue gun.

because i was stranded in london for a few extra days, my masi's daughter took pity on me and took wednesday off work. we wandered around london. going on the eye was ridiculously boring.. maybe the champagne pod would have been more interesting *hic*. i went a bit crazy in primark. had delicious dessert at a place i don't remember the name of. then 50% off drinks at on anon for happy hour :)

kind of glad she didn't bring a veil with her (she considered making it into a sort of bachelorette).. thanks sister from another mother!

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