May 13, 2010

colour match

indian weddings are known for their (what seems to be never-ending) gift giving to family members. after the wedding, parents of the bride/groom give a gift to their family; usually this is a sari and/or dress shirt.

for my generation of kids in our family, we've bought saris for close family to wear at the wedding which doubles as their gift after the wedding. two-in-one.. you get your colour scheme without breaking the bank.

the saris i bought for my close cousin-sisters to wear are all odd shades of blue and green. for the international cousins, i was trying to figure out a way to give them the sari colour so that they can sort out their chaniyo and jewellery.

taking a picture and emailing it doesn't work.  the image shown on your screen vs. my screen is not usually the same as far as colours are concerned; they tend to vary slightly.

one of my fois suggested i use bobbins. since the thread is easily found in a wide shade variety. eh.. that costs money. we're in wallet-friendly mode here!

so i decided to visit the paint section at the renovation stores.. those paint swatches are free. :) i went to three different stores and completely raided them of their blues and greens. i was nice and only took one of each. in the end, i think i had about 50 strips of paint cards (with 5 different shades per card). with the slightest difference in colours being covered by these swatches, i was able to find exact matches for all the saris. SUCCESS! i'm impressed by my genius'ness. :)

you know, i wished i'd have asked myself.. what would martha stewart do? make fashion cards of course! i could have easily made these.. i have the tools, supplies, and skills. oh well.. maybe for someone else's wedding.

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