April 18, 2010

fashion designer: rocky s

we finished most of the kankotris this weekend! woo! and now it's procrastination time..

i wish i did a bit more research into india's fashion designers; i would have gotten some interesting ideas for my reception outfit. anyway, this is rocky s. - a designer with a retro contemporary style. he not only designs for commercial sale, but for bollywood movies. (which ones, i can't tell you. i tried to do a bit of research, but came up blank..) his collections span indian wear, western wear, bags, and home decor. here are some of my favourite pieces from rocky s' website:

rocky s indian designer beige pink sarii really like the colour combination and the border on this one. pink pops so well off the beige.
rocky s indian designer pink lehengathe top on this lehenga is AWESOME! it looks like boning, but i don't think it is.. probably just well placed embroidery? anyway, i really like the top. it can hold its own without trying to compete with the skirt.
rocky s indian designer embroidered handbagthe detail on this is so nice. i really like the fact that the embroidery is the same colour as the rest of the purse.
rocky s indian designer embroidered pillowwouldn't these be really awesome for a mehndi night? (and if you accidentally drop a bit of mehndi on it.. you wouldn't notice cause they're so dark.)
rocky s indian designer bustier jacket(not from his website; it's from his 2006 collection) this jacket would be really nice to wear at this time of year. i love the fringe and the puffy shoulders!

the rest of the outfit on the other hand.. brings the attention in a very awkward place. i don't know about you, but i'm really not into wearing something that mimics a body part you don't find on women.. :|

last picture from nirvana woman

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