April 16, 2010

dream a little dream..

do weird dreams come with wedding planning?  well, maybe i can't blame the wedding.. i usually have weird dreams that make absolutely no sense.

one time i had a dream that the three little pigs were robbing our house in the middle of the night, while everyone was home passed out in their beds.  they were gutsy enough to be rummaging through our bedrooms.  they were wearing those retro jackets that b-boys wore in the 80's and all spoke like a 40 year old new york pizza shop owner.

in another dream, i dropped my friend off at her home, got out of my car and started running down the streets of downtown.. just running.  i seemed to know where i was going, but i didn't know what i was running to.  then as i pass this dark alley, a hand pops out and grabs my arm. (at which point i woke up)

anyway, last night's dream is a really odd one.  i opened the front door to do something and i see this little girl running up the driveway.  i quickly shut the door and frantically try to lock it and turn on the alarm.  i tell my brother, "it's that little asian girl trying to sell insurance again.." when i say little, i'm talking about a 5 year old with pig tails dressed like she's going to church (you know, pretty dress, white cardigan, shiny black mary janes); cheek pinching-ly cute.  why a 5 year old asian girl would be selling insurance is beyond me, but she was and really insistant.  she went as far as putting her hand through the mail slot on the door.  it was sort of like a zombie movie almost, except the little girl wasn't a demon of the undead, she just really wanted to sell insurance.

maybe i should start documenting my dreams.. might explain why my every day train of thought is so demented.

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