March 9, 2010

wedding checklist

holy batman.. 130 days to go!! sounds like so little time compared to saying 4 months.. everyone says time flies by so fast when planning a wedding. last year the time didn't seem to fly fast enough. when you live so far apart, you have this anxiousness to get through this process as fast as you can just so you can finally settle down.

whenever people ask me how the wedding planning is going, i always reply that all the major things are done and i'm just pacing my way through the little projects. well, i just re-visited my to-do list..
  • venue
  • dj
  • theme/colours for day
  • itinerary
  • photographer
  • videographer
  • wedding and reception attire
  • wedding website
  • save the dates
  • hair
  • makeup
  • wedding bands
  • mehndi
  • guestlist
  • menu
  • cake
  • centrepieces
  • decor
  • engagement shoot
  • flowers
  • honeymoon
  • hotel rooms
  • write/send out invitations
  • hall for sanji
  • band for sanji
  • pre-wedding cooking
  • wedding and reception shoes
  • entrance songs
  • wedding day transportation
  • seating plan
  • printed items for reception
  • house for kiwi's family to rent
ugh.. how wrong was i? there are still a lot of major things left to do. in my head it didn't seem so much. it just goes to show it helps to keep lists! the ones in bold are the ones i really, really should have completed before the end of this month. i'm pretty confident they're achievable!

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