March 10, 2010

palm reading

on monday bhabhi got a call at work:

caller: do you like hands?
bhabhi: i have never really taken an interest in hands..
caller: is your date of birth 12/7 or 7/12?
(weird.. he's right :S)
bhabhi: no sir, it isn't.
caller: does your last name begin with m?
(more creepy.. he's right again)
bhabhi: no sir, it doesn't.
caller: i'm only asking because i read hands so i realise that's an interesting hobby.
bhabhi: thank you for calli..
caller: by the way, the test will be passed.
*dial tone*

not long after that phone call, i emailed mum, dad, the bro, and bhabhi letting them know that kiwi passed his citizenship test that morning! so creepy.. but if he reads hands, then how did he know all this when the entire conversation happened over the phone? *dun* *dun* *DUN!*

on a kind of related note, how much fun would it be to have a palm reader or fortune teller during the cocktail hour?

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