October 6, 2009

loooooong distance..

it's hard enough trying to remember every single detail about an appointment. try relaying information to three people who don't live in the same city as you. three people who are in three different cities at any given time!

so far the biggest challenge for mandaps is "do you have a picture? my fiancé and parents all live in different cities.." to which the response is always a long explanation about protecting ideas and not wanting others to get a hold of theirs. typically their ideas aren't really anything too unique to begin with. bleh. makes me want to bang my head against the wall some days.. actually most days. some vendors even say, "well they should trust your judgement.." uh yeah, they'll agree to spend thousands of dollars based on "i think it's nice.." (well, not to say my parents haven't done so in the past..)

anyway, i'm going a little nutty. it makes me wonder, had we booked a hall in ottawa and sorted out all details from toronto, would i have ended up looking like a worn out wild woman by the end of it all?

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