September 27, 2009

attend wedding shows *check*

the two indian wedding shows for the fall season have come and gone (kismet and suhaag). of course i attended both. i have to say, kismet seems to be the far better show.. however, i did miss out on the fashion show. the suhaag fashion show was good, but nothing really stood out.

one thing that annoyed me most was one of the photographers during the fashion show.. he kept standing in the way while taking pictures. it was very intrusive. if he's like that for the fashion show, imagine what they would be like during a wedding?

it's actually one of my biggest pet peeves about photographers and videographers. guests come to see the wedding, not your arses! it's hard to find an indian photographer and videographer that's not so intrusive on your wedding day. that includes stopping your ceremony so that they can take a picture. i really don't like that. i understand your job should be to get the shots, but don't be in the way. i've encountered some really rude photographers before and it bothers me that they feel they have the right to act that way.

i think that's going to be the biggest challenge yet..

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