December 16, 2010


prior to meeting kiwi, another single friend and i thought it would be a great idea to start a matchmaking service.. which would involve personal meetings with each candidate to gain a good perspective on their personalities and to understand what their match would be in a partner. seemed pretty standard, no? well, our ulterior motive was to actually use it to meet guys.. heh. yeah.

anyway, i was talking to a friend online today and i mentioned, for the 5 billionth time, he needs a wife. and for the first time.. he actually agreed! *dance* so i started asking questions.. likes? dislikes? requirements? age limits? height limits? location limits? and then he told me i better watch out before i turn into one of those aunties whose lives are consumed with matching people. he told me to start a business.. it's probably a lucrative idea. but what guju would actually pay for matchmaking when you can get it for free from a relative?

i decided to make a fake business card for the sake of it:

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