September 13, 2010

for my reception shoes, i wasn't going to settle for any silver pair of shoes. i had a specific look in mind, and if i can't find it, then i'm not going to waste my money; i'll just wear something i already own. i was looking specificially for silver, sparkly, pointed toe pumps. one of my coworkers suggested i check out zappos - an online shoe company that has more shoes than a girl can possibly dream of. so i started my search on zappos and i found them.. my dream shoes *sigh*:

romantic soles palisades.  this was the perfect shoe since they had two little hearts underneath the sole. i had them sent to kiwi rather than paying the +$20 in duties to have them shipped straight to canada. kiwi received them and told me the shoes looked good, so i didn't think anything of it..

a week before the wedding, saturday, kiwi and his family drove up from atlanta. they got in to mississauga pretty late, so dad and i went to their hotel to check to see how they were doing and if they needed anything. before leaving their hotel, kiwi gave me my box of stuff i ordered for the wedding, including my shoes! being the typical shoe-a-holic i am, i had to open up the box right there..


i pulled out the first shoe.. "this isn't the correct shoe.." it was a silver pointed toe pump, but it wasn't sparkly silver, it was made with sequins. a little disappointed, i pulled out the second shoe so i could try them on.. "this is the correct shoe.." so here i sat with two different shoes. yes, kiwi didn't check BOTH shoes!! *sigh* i suppose i should have asked if he checked both when he got them.. OR asked to see them during one of our video chats, but anyway..

in desperation, i could have worn the shoes for the reception hoping no one would truly realise the difference.. after all they're both silver, pointed toe, and the same height; only difference was one was shiny sparkles, the other was shiny sequins. i could pretend it's a new fashion fad coming out of europe or something, maybe? for the next minute or so i sat there holding the two different shoes, staring at them trying to keep from freaking out because it was not only kiwi that was there, but his entire family. it was at this point i noticed something else, "both these shoes are for the right foot." so really, i couldn't wear these shoes even if i wanted to.

back home i went, with my mismatched, right footed shoes.

BACON FORECAST - DARK CLOUDS, WITH A CHANCE OF RAIN: i'm sure i can have them expedite to canada considering the really horrible error that was made..

the next morning, sunday, i check my email for customer service information regarding my shoe order. "24/7 customer service" - PERFECT! i call the 1-800 number given. an automated message comes on the line telling me that their customer service team has gone on a team building retreat. for any urgent matters, please email using the link provided on the order confirmation and they will respond as soon as they can.

BACON FORECAST - RAIN WITH HIGH WINDS: did the entire department have to go at the same time for this team building exercise?!

i click on the email support link which starts to load the customer service page of the zappos website. "error - page not found." so i go to the main page for the zappos website, "sorry. our website is under routine maintenance. please call our 24 hour customer service line and they will be happy to help you!"

BACON FORECAST - SEVERE THUNDERSTORM: did the it department go on the retreat too?! i feel like a dog chasing it's tail..

at that point i was truly getting frustrated and was not impressed with zappos! i tried their toll free number one more time; this time i got connected to a customer service agent right away. i asked the girl if i should start off with my order number before explaining the situation, "actually ma'am, our systems are down. so if you were to give me your order number, i wouldn't be able to access your account."

i told her my story about the shoes. after explaining everything, i told her, "my wedding is this saturday.." she apologized profusely, probably knowing how crazy a bridezilla can get. she took down my information, told me they should be able to expedite a replacement shoe to canada or help me find an alternative pair if the one i ordered is no longer available. she said as soon as the systems are up she will call me or have someone else call if her shift is over. fair enough.

we took kiwi and his family to niagara falls that day. i didn't receive a single call from zappos that day.

monday morning i woke up bright and early and called zappos again. their system was up and running! so again i explained my shoe story. the woman on the other line said that she's really sorry about this error with the shoes. unfortunately the shoes i originally ordered are no longer in stock. if i found another alternative pair of shoes, they would only be able to expedite shoes within the u.s.; they're not able to expedite to canada. for my troubles, they will give me a $35 credit towards my next purchase.

BACON FORECAST - TORNADO WATCH: are you kidding me? i want to cry..

i mentioned they have a canadian subsidiary, can it be sorted through them? apparently the canadian zappos can't access the u.s. zappos' system. also, the canadian zappos cannot expedite to canada; they don't have a system in place for it. odd considering all major courier services have expediting services worldwide..

i asked to speak with a manager regarding this situation because i wasn't quite satisfied with the answers i was getting. so i was transfered to a "manager". (sometimes i wonder if it's actually a manager and not a coworker at the same level..) i went over the whole situation. she told me the exact same thing as the customer service agent before: they can only expedite to the u.s. and they can only give a $35 credit. i told her that i understood if a completely different pair of shoes were sent, but this situation doesn't make sense - two different shoes for the same foot? she said, well it's been returned a few times already. a few times? so when an item is returned, prior to being restocked, shouldn't it be inspected to insure the RIGHT shoes are returned?

anyway, they wouldn't do anything more than what they offered. so they issued the refund and i left it at that. instead of the perfect sparkly silver pointed toe pumps.. i wore my old beige guess pointed toe pumps. no one knew any different.

i suppose it's not all about the shoes after all :S i still don't like zappos though.

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