May 4, 2010

wish list - venue

one of the proposed wedding ideas i gave my parents was an outdoor wedding. that idea was nixed two seconds after i suggested it.. what if it rains? what if it's too hot? what if someone gets heat stroke from being in the sun too long?

my ideal location would have been outside, in an open space surrounded by trees. the key part here is a space where there happened to be four trees that would make up the mandap. in my head i thought - cheap, simple, and uniquely stunning.

i'm not talking about pine trees or anything.. those old oak trees with huge trunks, thick branches, full of greenery. or in my imaginary utopia, there would be four huge flowering trees perfectly placed by mother nature creating four corners of a square - the perfect mandap. i'm not huge on flowers, but this i would love because it's very organic.

i know, i know.. impossible to find. i'm sure it exists somewhere in the world.

from project: 10k wedding

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