May 31, 2010

rsvp chase..

tomorrow's the last day to rsvp! well.. for my invites at least.. kiwi's invites were sent out a bit late, so his deadline's not for another two weeks. as of wednesday, my parents and i have the joy of making phone calls after phone calls.. *fun*

we used the built in rsvp system on the website to give an easy option to guests to let us know if they're attending. it's great because the guests can input the names of the people attending; which is way better than assuming it's the parents will be there.

the website assigns rsvp codes to each invitation sent out. so on my invite, i have a list of ways to rsvp:

[parents' home number]

brother & bhabhi
[our home number]

[my email address]

[website address]

rsvp code #####

i guess the space left for the rsvp code was a bit too far from "online" because a few people emailed me saying they're coming, and then proceeded to give me their rsvp code in the email! i haven't gotten a lot like that, maybe 5-6 or so..

the other type of email i got was that the rsvp wasn't working online. the system requires you to input your rsvp code as well as the last name.  now it says in small beside it (bride or groom's last name). it seems a few people didn't catch that and emailed me their rsvp saying it didn't work online.. (later finding out it was the last name issue.. they were putting their own instead of either mine or kiwi's).

i guess the whole thing isn't completely intuitive.. especially since i've only seen one person use an online rsvp before, so it's not very common yet.

oh well, the whole thing's not bad considering the use of the website and rsvp system was so cheap! would i recommend using an online rsvp system? i would. especially if you went through the effort to put together a wedding website.. it almost forces people to wander through, so your work isn't completely wasted.

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