April 2, 2010

heavy metal

a few weeks back i got kiwi's wedding ring sorted. *sigh* it took long enough. i went to quite a few people asking about different metals, spent hours online comparing rings with kiwi. in the end he said the choice of ring is up to me since i have no clue what my wedding ring looks like!

i was looking at tungsten and titanium because they're darker metals.. very manly, you know? but speaking to jewellers and doing research on the internet, they all recommended against it. they're hard metals that don't distort their shape with wear and don't scratch easily. the fact it doesn't deform easily is an issue though.. remember my statement, "first comes marriage, then comes weight gain"? well, with titanium and tungsten, you have to get it adjusted accordingly; and adjustments aren't easy with these metals.

a few years back, one of my fois once told me that wedding rings traditionally are supposed to be gold. the more i've read up on different metals, the more that statement made sense. pure gold is the least reactive metal and the most malleable and ductile (deformable without fracture).

for that reason, i ended up going with trusty ol' gold. again with the traditionalist..

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