March 16, 2010

wedding diet

it's +18°C today. you know what that means.. daily jogs! nothing too aggressive, just easy strides. i jog to music.. so one song walking, one song jogging, twenty minutes only. i'm not trying to lose weight, just keep my weight down. i tend to snack a lot when i'm stressed. with my long to-do list at work and my longer to-do list at home, i'm even snacking in the car on my way home :S

food wise, i should probably go back to the things that really gave me the most energy and fewer cravings last year:
  • lemon and ginger tea
  • salad with my homemade balsamic dressing
  • cottage cheese with maple syrup
  • veggie sausages (specifically these yves bavarian sausage - LOTS of iron and protein!)
with four months to go, i should really get my butt in gear.

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