March 3, 2010

decor mehndi

i wish i was as creative as these people.. mehndi patterns on things i wouldn't have imagined!

mehndi on vinyl.. what a ridiculously awesome idea.  this is advertised as wall decor, but you could easily use this as part of a centrepiece.. an alternative to the doily mirrors.

use the vinyl with some mehndi pillar candles instead of regular candles.. or a vase decorated with mehndi patterns, and you've got an interesting combination!

personally, i'd use the vinyls as chargers. probably not for all the tables, but at least the head table.. or i would paint both sides and hang them at different lengths from the peak of the tent during all the pre-wedding festivities.

searching for other mehndi items, i found mehndi cookies with exotic flavours to boot.. YUM!  i would totally use these if i could get the icing to be as perfect as she has it.  probably not for the mehndi night cause there will be enough going on that icing cookies would be at the bottom of my list.. but maybe for a geet gavanu?  i just re-read the exotic flavours list.. tumeric?  coriander..?  err.. it's worth a try i suppose.

from etsy - janisuka, etsy - mehndiart09, etsy - decoCookie

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