February 2, 2010

why didn't i think of this?! - part 2

for our sagai (engagement), i kind of sort of had a garden theme. it was at the hilton garden inn, in the garden room, and i was wearing yellow and green. (i realise it's a horrific colour combination, but i still love it.)

anyway, for centrepieces, i made 192 mini-cupcakes and over 200 gum paste flowers. with help, i also made mini cupcake stands to hold the cupcakes. to top it off stole 15 colourful butterflies from a 1 year old's birthday party (with permission from the birthday girl's mother of course..)

because we wanted our families to get to know each other better, i had assigned seating. yes.. i basically forced our families to sit together :) my place cards were floral cards from staples with labels stuck on them. not too exciting, but it did the job.

anyway, there's a point, i promise.. i found a placecard idea that would have fit with my theme beautifully! these little pots with something growing in it! it wouldn't have been as cheap as my staples placecards (would have probably cost about $1-1.50 per person), but it would have been far more interesting. only problem would have been customs. you wouldn't be able to take these back into canada (or any other country for that matter).. you know soil and seeds and all.

i guess i could have still done the pots, but instead of seeds and soil, stick a fake gerber on each. eh, i still prefer the plant idea. (a gift that grows as your relationship grows.. awww indeed.)

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