December 4, 2009


we both want a monogram for the wedding.  there are so many different routes to go - classical, romantic, contemporary, or cutesy?  here are a few i came up with..

i like this because it's classy and simple.

a hint of cuteness.

it's pretty while incorporating his last name.

the reason i actually like this is his last name is hidden in the heart. the way our initials intersect creates a k. it's totally not obvious and one of those things that you'd have to point out to the majority of people (if we choose to do so..)

this is the same as the one above except not as much cuteness and the k is a focal point.

so much fun. i really have no other words to describe it.

this is just plain and simple and i actually kind of like it.

what to do.. what to do.. i'll just let him decide.

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