June 7, 2009

in an instant

one of the ideas i would love to implement for the wedding/reception was to have some way for people to post candid pictures from the day on a blank board with a handwritten note attached. a polaroid camera would be fantastic for this, but i think the film may be hard to find these days (i'm pretty sure polaroid no longer manufactures the film or the cameras for that matter). another option was to have a small printer on hand for guests to send via bluetooth or connect directly to print on the spot. problem with this is not everyone has bluetooth and we would have to ensure all types of camera connections are taken into account.

i like the idea of polaroids cause they give space to write and the photos are just retro looking. i'll have to dwell on the idea for a bit to figure out how it could work.
  • could i get away with 1 camera, or do i need about 2 or 3?
  • given perhaps a 10% reject rate, would film for about 100 pictures be enough?
  • i'll have to assign someone responsible and somewhat tech savvy to be the camera(s) keeper.. cause i certainly don't want anything inappropriate to be posted!
so of course i venture on ebay.. and there's close to 2000 results! maybe this could work.. it's pretty pricey though, especially if you have to buy film separate from the camera.

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